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The governance of a node has a certain influence on the node itself. The ruling player/party of a node has the right and duty to build structures, collect taxes and organize their citizens, helping them to advance the node even thurther.

Running for office[edit | edit source]

To enter the governance of a node, you need to run for the office of that certain node. The way to calim (or loose) the right to rule a node depends on the node type (divine, economic, military or scientific).
In generell, once the rulers are selected, they stay in office for a certain time. This time can be shortened in specific ways:

  • The node is sieged and, finally, gets destroyed by the attackers

Duties[edit | edit source]

The governance has the duty (or option) to complete certain tasks:

  • To set the taxes for the node and its zone of influence
  • To build infrastructure in the node

Perks[edit | edit source]

Being governor of a node comes with some perks for the player - all only being valid during the time of governing:

  • A fyling dragon mount